Friday, June 16, 2017

Introducing the Johnson County Open Data Portal

We at AIMS have recently launched the Johnson County Open Data Portal at

This site provides access to numerous open and freely available data sources that you can explore, download and use within your own applications; provided you credit Johnson County as the source.

Searching for data within the portal is as easy as entering a keyword that describes the data you are looking for in the Search bar, or select one of the many data category icons to view data sources that belong to a common group.

The Search result "tiles" are displayed in the Data Portal and can be selected to preview the data. Here one can view the spatial data on a map, chart the relational data or view the data set attributes in a tabular format.

Select the Table tab to view the entire data table or filter the data to view only the data you want to see and use. 

Download the data as a .CSV, KML or .SHP file format. Or you can access it via an Advanced Programming Interface (API). It's as simple as choosing the format you wish and copying the API URL.

Want to view the data set in ArcGIS, comment on it or share it with your co-workers or friends? Use the data set links displayed below to quickly work with or share the data!
We at Johnson County and the AIMS team hope you'll find the site useful and please provide feedback to help make it and the data even more useful!


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

AIMS Updates Crime Maps for Sheriff and Surrounding Cities

AIMS just recently updated the Crime Maps for the Johnson County Sheriff's Department and for the Cities of GardnerMerriamLeawoodOlathe, and Spring HillAll the maps have been updated with a cleaner, more intuitive interface by re-positioning the map controls and buttons for quicker access and a consistent look and feel.

When viewing a location using Google Street View, the Controls have been conveniently positioned for easier navigation as well. 

Each Crime Map has two different modes depending on user preference; Embedded and Full Screen. The default mode is embedded, so the Crime Map can fit within each city's webpage. Each embedded map has a Full Screen button which expands the map to the full extents of the users screen. When the Crime Map is in Full Screen mode, the Map Control changes to a tabbed-interface, enabling the user to toggle quickly between the different Query and Display features of the map.

These updates to the Crime Maps make it easier for the community to quickly find out about the types of crime and where it is occurring in the Johnson County area.

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The AIMS Team

Thursday, February 25, 2016

AIMS to Partner with JoCo Health Department to Increase GIS Capacity for Chronic Disease Surveillance

As a part of the GIS Surveillance Project, AIMS will be supporting the Johnson County Health Department to increase awareness and use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software, data and analysis. The overall goal of the project, which is funded by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, is to enhance the ability of local health department's to implement the use of GIS in daily operations for the prevention of heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases. 

This will enable the Johnson County Health Department to make use of GIS to address the four core domains of a coordinated approach to prevent chronic diseases and promote population health:

  1. Epidemiology and surveillance
  2. Evidence-based practice and environmental approaches
  3. Health systems interventions - clinical preventive services, and
  4. Community-clinical linkages.
The Health Department will apply GIS processes and techniques to assist in these four areas:
  1. Document the burden of heart disease, stroke, and other chronic diseases.
  2. Build and strengthen partnerships.
  3. Inform and guide policy and program decisions.
  4. Facilitate integration and collaboration within and between state and local health departments, with a focus on chronic disease prevention and treatment.
To ensure success of this initiative, AIMS will be a part of an Extended GIS Team to support and provide guidance to the Core GIS Team members at the Health Department. Overall, this enhanced capacity provides the Johnson County Health Department with a powerful set of tools to efficiently improve the health of the Johnson County populace, and AIMS is looking forward to assisting with this effort. To provide you with a better idea of what is possible through this project, here is a link to the CDC Chronic Disease GIS Exchange Map Gallery.

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The AIMS Team

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

AIMS Introduces MyRC Version 2.0 with New Client Data Partitioning Functionality

The Human Service programs of Johnson County, KS, are actively engaged in a novel data sharing initiative that fosters collaborative case management, better understanding of human/social services provided by community organizations, and, most importantly, greater likelihood of client success.  My Resource Connection (MyRC), a web application developed by Johnson County AIMS, is the means by which the sharing of data takes place.  MyRC version 1.0 enables case managers, social workers, and probation officers to obtain information about other County services a particular client is receiving, contact information of other professionals serving that client, information about other individuals residing in the client’s home, and potential services from community-based organizations that might be of benefit to the client. 

The legal aspects of sharing client data across agency boundaries have proven more challenging than the technical aspects of the initiative.  Constraints imposed by Kansas Statute, the Code of Federal Regulations, and HIPAA, have prevented some agencies from dumping all of their client data into a single database for all to see. To resolve this issue, innovative functionality called “Client Data Partitioning” was introduced with the release of MyRC Version 2.0 earlier this summer.  Client Data Partitioning makes it possible for agencies to share as much of their client data, and with as many users, as is legally possible.  With this enhancement now in place, client data from the Johnson County Mental Health Center, MED-ACT, and Health Home, now streams into the database and is being viewed by users who work in HIPAA Covered Entity agencies.

The generic aspect of Client Data Partitioning means that Johnson County is now in a position to offer the services of MyRC to external agencies who wish to start their own data sharing initiative.  In mid-December 2015, Johnson County will be presenting a proposal to the other CORE4 members (Unified Government of Wyandotte County, Jackson County, Kansas City) that would enable them to leverage MyRC to improve coordination of care and case management within their jurisdictions. 

The addition of Client Data Partitioning has enabled Johnson County to expand the use and appeal of MyRC.  As a tool that fosters collaboration and insight, MyRC carries forward AIMS' long tradition of providing such services to its customers.

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The AIMS Team

Friday, November 20, 2015

MAGIC 2016! Mark Your Calendars - Coming Next April!

The MidAmerica GIS Consortium, or MAGIC, a nonprofit educational organization established to foster the applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related spatial technologies, is holding its 2016 Conference on April 26 - 28 at the Overland Park Convention Center. Promoted as a premier conference in the region, MAGIC is the place to view the newest GIS and Geospatial technologies, network with other GIS professionals and learn about the latest software and practices through numerous short courses and concurrent sessions.

To learn more visit the official conference page at the MAGIC website. We look forward to seeing you there!

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The Johnson County AIMS Team

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy GIS Day 2015 Johnson County!

There are a number of events happening throughout Johnson County to celebrate International GIS Day! Here are just a few to check out!

Local Events
The University of Kansas is hosting it's 14th annual GIS Day at Kansas Union 4th Floor in Alderson Auditorium. They are having an Information Fair, a Poster Contest, and a variety of speakers are presenting on a number of GIS topics.

The City of Olathe, Kansas is Gung Ho for GIS Day! The City of Olathe will hold several types of GIS Day events: - An Open House with Map Gallery at City Hall - Display/demos/ presentations with Johnson County (KS) AIMS - Presentations at two local universities - Presentation to (80) local school district social science elementary school teachers at in-service on Nov. 19th. The Firefighters of the Olathe Fire Department will visit each third grade classroom in the city during Geography Awareness Week. This is an effort to reinforce basic map skills and emphasize the importance of geography. We will also introduce them to the GIS concept. An ArcView custom map was designed for each school. Each child will have the opportunity to place a small (self-decorated) wooden house on the map and locate various attributes such as fire hydrants, schools, and fire stations. It will take all 80 of their firefighters to reach out to the 1,500 third graders. 

International Events

There are also quite a few events happening online. Follow this link to the website to find out how you can join in the fun!

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The Johnson County AIMS Team

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Economic Development Layers Available

For a better part of 2015, a number of individuals on the Johnson County AIMS Team have been diligently working on the Johnson County Development Resource Center Initiative. The AIMS team, as a part of this initiative, was given the task of creating tools and gathering data to help foster increased Economic Development within Johnson County. As a direct result of this effort, we are announcing the addition of over 10 new Economic Development layers to the AIMS Online Mapping tool! These development specific layers can be found in the Economic Development section of the Layer List on the left-hand side of the AIMS Online Map (

Just a few of the available layers are:
  • Percent of Developed Plats
  • Undeveloped Parcels - available displaying various sizes and within one-quarter mile of available sewer system.
And the following layers can be viewed by these individual Administrative boundaries (Zip Code, Census Tract, Block Group, Block, Subdivision, Plat, Section, Quarter Section, City, Commissioner as well as a few other boundaries)
  • Average Single Family Residential Sale Price
  • Average Single Family Residential Appraised Value

  • Population Density

  • Building Permit Density (last 365 days)

There are addition layers available, and each layer can be queried to find specific information using the Identify Features Tool (shown at right) with a screen shot of the Identify Results dialog shown below.
Overall these layers provide a wealth of information specific to Johnson County and are invaluable to those in the Economic Development community! Fortunately these layers are also available to the general public via the AIMS Online Map (

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The Johnson County AIMS Team